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  • Tamiko Gleeson

Laundry Renovation Essential: Why You Must Have a Sink in Your Laundry (...and how I can save you money!)

The humble sink is a controversial topic when discussing laundry renovations...

In the realm of interior design, every detail matters. From the grandeur of a living room to the intimacy of a bathroom, each element contributes to the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Yet, amidst the spotlight on statement pieces and trendy accents, there exists a humble fixture often overlooked: the laundry sink.

While its significance may seem subtle, it plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to meeting Australian building codes.

In Australia, building regulations are stringent, aiming to ensure safety, efficiency, and practicality in residential and commercial spaces. Among these regulations, the requirement for a sink in the laundry holds particular importance. Let's delve into the reasons why it's a non-negotiable component in your interior design plans.

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Laundry Utility and Functionality

The laundry room isn't merely a space for washing clothes; it's a multifunctional area where various tasks converge and having a sink is vital. Having a sink facilitates these activities by providing a dedicated area for pre-treating stains, hand-washing delicate items, or rinsing cleaning supplies. Its presence enhances the functionality of the space, making chores more manageable and efficient.

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Health and Hygiene

Laundry activities often involve handling soiled items and cleaning agents, which can harbor bacteria and contaminants. A sink in the laundry facilitates hygiene practices, allowing users to wash their hands promptly after handling dirty laundry or cleaning supplies. This promotes a healthier living environment, minimising the spread of germs and maintaining cleanliness within the home.

Property Value and Marketability

In the competitive real estate market, every feature counts when it comes to attracting potential buyers or tenants. A well-designed laundry space with a sink not only enhances the overall appeal of your property but also increases its market value. Prospective homeowners or renters are likely to appreciate the convenience and functionality offered by a designated area for laundry-related tasks.

Versatility in Sink Design

Far from being a mundane fixture, a laundry sink can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your interior design. With a myriad of styles, materials, and configurations available, you can choose a sink that complements your design scheme and reflects your personal taste. Whether it's a sleek stainless steel basin or a rustic farmhouse sink, incorporating this element adds visual interest and character to your laundry room.

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There are also clever ways to include a laundry sink but also utilise your bench space. You can cover your sink with the same material used for your benchtop, or buy covers and simply move when required to access your sink. This is particularly useful for small laundry spaces with limited bench space.

Compliance with Building and Renovation Standards

Australian building codes mandate the inclusion of a laundry sink for plumbing purposes. It ensures proper drainage and wastewater management, aligning with plumbing standards and regulations. By adhering to these codes, you not only guarantee the smooth operation of your plumbing system but also mitigate the risk of potential issues, such as the inability for your laundry to be be compliant in line with your DA or CDC.

For those that love facts - it comes from the National Construction Code - which states

Class 1 building (house) must be provided with—

(iii) clothes washing facilities, comprising at least one washtub and space in the same room for a washing machine; and

For facilities in Class 2 buildings (apartments):

(aa) clothes washing facilities, comprising at least one washtub and a space for a washing machine; and

The question that often then gets asked is... "But what if I just use the bathroom basin as my laundry sink?" The NCC is very clear on this, and explicitly states that "a kitchen sink or washbasin must not be counted as a laundry washtub."

But I don't have a separate laundry sink? Is that okay?

In short, yes.

According to the NCC, if you live in an apartment that does not include an internal laundry, then the building must supply a laundry for no more than 4 apartments, and within that laundry there must be a dedicated laundry sink.

Perhaps you live in a house and inherited a laundry without a separate sink, or may have had a renovation company complete your project without explaining the NCC. Unless you require certification through a CDC or DA, no one is going to knock on your door and request you change your laundry space - but be warned, if you require certification you will absolutely be required to amend this before getting your compliance certificate.

If you already have a laundry sink and are about to renovate, my advice would be to definitely keep it (and work out clever design solutions if it is something that currently impedes your practical space or use of space).

In summary, don't overlook the significance of installing a sink in your laundry remodel. It's not just about meeting building codes—it brings practical benefits like improved cleanliness and hygiene standards, not to mention the added value it brings to your property. So, when you're diving into your next home improvement project, ensure you give the laundry sink the attention it deserves. Remember, it's the small details that really pull everything together and make your living space shine, and work best for your family.

You've likely come across this post as you are looking to renovate or build a new laundry. Apart from providing you with the important knowledge of the issues of compliance if you decide to forego a laundry sink, there are two other ways I can help!

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  1. Let me use my expert understanding and knowledge to help plan your laundry renovation or build. From floor plan, important elevation documents (telling your trades exactly where you want your items installed), selection of finishes and access to trade pricing for PC items (often saving thousands of dollars!) - all while providing 3D images to help you visualise and confirm design decisions! To secure your project and access my services - book a free introductory call and let's chat about your plans and how I can help!

  2. You may have your plans all set - but wouldn't mind access to some discounts for PC items (who wouldn't?). Use this link to access special discounted prices at The Blue Space, or use my special discount code: AFID-6T88CS at checkout.

What are your thoughts? Are you someone that uses or never uses a laundry sink? Do you think the NCC needs to change like it has in other countries? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



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