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  • Tamiko Gleeson

3D Visualisations: What they are and why you need them for your renovation or build

What if you could see the end result before your project has even started?

If you could, what would you save? Time? Money? Anxiousness? Worry? Regret?

Perhaps, all of the above?

If only there was a way you could visualise your build or renovation, or even your ideas that you are toying with?

This is where 3D visualisations comes in.

Welcome to the world of 3D models, renders and animations.

Gone are the days of removing the background of an image (if you’re fancy) and pasting it onto an image or photo - hey.. I’ve done it during my own build and renovation and it was so helpful to help me make design choices, but imagine if you could actually get a real feel for the flow, layout, scale and function of what your space could actually be.

A process that I could only have imagined existing when renovating, is now something I passionately do to assist and support others during their build process.

So why would someone need 3D visualisations? Or more importantly…. what exactly is it?

3D visualisation is the process of creating graphics and rendering designs using 3D software technology. It allows you to see your future space, whether it’s a plan that’s set in stone, or what I’m finding with clients, is it allows you to see OPTIONS of designs before your build or renovation has commenced. You get to experience a real-life view of not only the aesthetic, but also the potential of movement, storage and function.

This technology must only be for big construction or commercial projects? Nope, wrong.

To be honest, before I started seeing this myself, I would have assumed the same thing. But this technology and service is absolutely available to help the home builder/renovator, and it isn’t as expensive as you would think. Also, this process will no doubt SAVE you money and time, and with the high cost of building, engaging an interior designer to complete 3D visualisation for you will be a tiny fraction of your overall budget.

Okay, enough telling, just show me.

These are some design documents recently created for a client. She is about to build her in-home makeup studio and needed it to be aesthetically beautiful, extremely functional, but also create a sense of inviting warmth for her clients.

She already had some ideas of how she wanted her space to look, but was struggling to visualise how this would translate in real life into her actual studio.

Jess sent me two floor plan options, along with some inspo pics.

2D Floor Plans Makeup Studio
Interior Design Inspiration

From there, I created 3D model images of the options:

Once I’ve created models, I then create 3D renders of these images:

As you can see, renders create a photo-realistic representation of the space, including sun and shadows. It also has the technology to include the exact geo-location, allowing you to see how your space will appear at any time of the day, anytime of the year.

After presenting these images to Jess, she felt confident in the design options to pursue, and I created a 3D animation which allowed her to really get a sense of how her studio will feel for herself and her clients.

I’m ecstatic that Jess now feels confident to move forward with her exciting design project, and is already on the hunt for furniture to fit out her room.

I can’t wait to share photos of her completed studio! It will be super exciting for her and her amazing business.

So what do I need to do if I want to try 3D Visualisations?

You need to book an introductory call with me, and I’ll help you get closer to seeing your home or business undertake an exciting transformation.

Tamiko x





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