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  • Tamiko Gleeson

Bathroom Renovation: A Visual Project Timeline

It can be easy to underestimate the amount of work and therefore trades required to complete a bathroom renovation. Even more so than a brand new build, a bathroom renovation is a huge process of moving parts, and requires demolition, making good of walls and floors, and possible repositioning of plumbing.

Here is a general timeline for a typical bathroom renovation. It is not conclusive, and also gives an insight into how this project can become overwhelming or costly, when not managed with an overall understanding of the mechanics of a bathroom renovation.

The renovation process is also not linear, and it's important to have someone with the knowledge of what is best process for your unique space.

This timeline also doesn't include the time it takes to decide on and source tiles and their layout, and fixtures, such as tapware, benchtop, vanities and cabinets. Luckily for you - that's something I can help you with - and pass on my exclusive trade pricing, potentially saving you thousands off the RRP!

Project Start Meeting

Trades required: Supervisor, Plumber, Electrician, Builder, Designer

Here is where your main team will come together to begin planning your project. It might be just you and your builder, or it could include others like your designer or supervisor.

Protection Works, Demolition, Building Works Trades required: Carpenter/Builder

Here is where the team will start prepping your bathroom for the job. Demolition will take place as required and the early building phase will commence. Protection might include plastic sheeting over doors to prevent dust travelling or other structural works.

Plumbing 'Rough In' Trades required: Plumber

'Rough in' refers to the bones of the plumbing works. Concealing water pipes, plumbing wastes and frames behind the wall and in the floor.

Electrical 'Rough In' Trades required: Electrician

Electrical 'rough in' includes all the cables and wires that sit behind the wall. Your electrician may need to make holes in the plaster to allow for feeding through of wires.

Building Work: shower base, straighten walls & ceiling, doors, windows Trades required: Carpenter

At this stage, your carpenter will start to fit your shower base, straighten walls, and finalise the installation of doors and windows

Plastering Trades required: Plasterer

Your plasterer will plaster the walls and ceiling with water resistant board.

Plaster Finish Trades required: Plasterer

Any last touch ups to imperfections, such as repairing any cracks in the walls or ceiling, to ensure a smooth finish for painting.

Waterproofing Trades required: Waterproofer

The waterproofer will prep and prime the area, before applying at least two coats of material. It is imperative to use a licensed professional to ensure this step is done properly.

Underfloor and/or Underwall Heating Trades required: Electrician

Your electrician will need to lay the underfloor heating before the floor is finished and the tiles are laid. We personally use and highly recommend Coldbuster Floor Heating who have just been awarded NSW's (2023) Best Underfloor Heating Provider and Installer!

Cabinet Installation Trades required: Cabinet Maker

Vanities, cupboards and shelving are fixed to the walls.

Skirtings and Architraves Install Trades required: Carpenter

Any skirting boards, architraves and other decorative finishes like picture rails are fitted to the walls.

Benchtop Check Measure, Fabrication & Installation Trades required: Stonemason

If you're installing stone benchtops, they will first be checked then measured by your stonemason before installation.

Tiling Trades required: Tiler

Floor, wall and any niche tiles will be laid. This involves proper placement and spacing, and grouting, and cutting of some tiles to fit.

It's so important to consider tile size and placement BEFORE you start your renovation works. Size and tile placement can determine niche and ledge heights and other structural factors - that can only be planned for at the beginning. Engage an interior designer to help you negate any hindsight moments of design fails!

Electrical fit off Trades required: Electrician

Your electrician will install light fittings, fans, heated towel rails and other electrical items.

Plumbing fit off Trades required: Plumber

Your plumber will complete installation of toilets, tapware, showers and drains.

Accessories Fit-Off Trades required: Carpenter/Builder

Final touches to the bathroom include towel rails, hooks, toilet roll holders and shelving.

Painting Trades required: Painter

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, this may be only the ceiling and architraves, or may include skirting and walls.

Cleaning Trades required: Cleaner (this could also be the carpenter or yourself!)

Final tidy up of building materials, loose grout and silicone, as well as stray paint spills or mess.

Caulking Trades required: Caulker/Builder/Carpenter

A sealant is applied around the base of products and joins to protect against leaking.

Screen Installation Trades required: Glazier

The installation of your shower screen will include measurement and checking before final installation.

Supervisor & Job Sign Off Trades required: Supervisor/Builder

Final approvals to ensure building regulations are met and all stages are complete and compliant.

Time to celebrate and enjoy your new bathroom!

Let us take the stress, organisation of trusted trades and time management away from you. We just want you to marvel at your newly designed space.

Contact us today if you are considering a bathroom renovation - we would love to help you make that a beautiful reality.



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