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FREE Bathroom Renovation Budget

I'm not going to lie...
bathroom renovations can be expensive.
But don't worry, I'm here to help.


Bathroom renovations are notorious for involving a multitude of working parts (trades and processes), requirement of many PC items, such as vanities, tiles and tapware, and unfortunately hidden costs or delays due to possible structural damage and need for repairs.

If you're not confident taking on a renovation, an interior designer is a perfect option for you. Not only can they (... and I!) liaise with trades and outline the process with you, but designers can also help you choose and visualise the layout and select the style and fixtures. At Howard Lane Designs, we have a number of trade partners and provide PC items at below retail prices.

We pass on our trade pricing on to our clients, which has the potential to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


The guide also includes a bonus DISCOUNT CODE for The Blue Space!

In the meantime, we're big on education and choice. So we have created a FREE Bathroom Renovation Budget for you to download. You can download our free guide as a PDF OR as a copy of a Google Sheet - the choice is yours! (... or do both, we won't tell anyone!)

You also get access to our exclusive monthly newsletter, full of inspiration, advice and resources.

bathroom renovation budget


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Check your inbox - your Google Sheet is on its way! x

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